How to Create a WordPress website

We have built an easy to use portal specially for people with less to no understanding of coding,

and to create a website using our website launcher you do not need any type of Technical

knowledge, be it Designing and Development or understanding of Databases



Let's begin creating your WordPress website, by following the below steps and referring the available Video


  • Login to Portal with your registered credentials
  • Click on "Websites" in the left navigation 
  • Now Click on "Create Website" button, it will open up the website creation form
  • Select the Product in the given dropdown
  • Give a name to you website ex: "BlueberryCakes"
  • Set the Admin user and Admin Password of your choice and click "Save"
    • Your newly created website will be available in fraction of seconds in a new window
    • Information about your website and access links will be displayed in the websites section
    • You can now login to Admin section of your website by clicking on the admin link from the section
    • To access Admin section of wordpress website, use the credentials you have provided during the creation of site




Quick note With our Trial offers, a product will be automatically added in you account,

you can utilize this product and create a website

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